Thursday, 1 February 2018

MNRE Rooftop Solar Subsidy scheme – Application forms

MNRE Rooftop solar power plant subsidy scheme application form is available for everyone. The interested citizen of India can apply for central government scheme. Ministry of New and renewable energy is encouraging citizen of India to use renewable solar energy. The project is available for residential and commercial users. An interested citizen can contact local electricity board for details of subsidy and power grid connection.

MNRE Solar Subsidy Application Form

The government wants to promote clean energy; thus this project is part of clean India. Solar energy is cheap, reliable and pollution free. Anyone can convert solar energy into electricity with right kind of tools and proper guidance. A citizen who will install rooftop solar power plants is eligible to get 30% amount as a subsidy. They can also get a loan up to 10 Lakh to install solar panel system for Home.

Solar subsidy scheme will reduce the electricity bill, which is a saving (profit) for its user. The central government also provides an incentive of INR 2 per Unit generated. If you are interested in installing solar panel system for a home, then get application forms from the official website. Cost of solar panel varies according to the capacity of the power plant.

Benefit of Rooftop solar system

  • It is clean energy and available at free of cost. 
  • Everyone can generate electricity from the solar panel. 
  • The government will provide INR 2 for every unit generated. 
  • It will reduce electricity bills
  • The citizen can also sell electricity if excess energy is available. 
  • It will reduce pollution in the environment and saves money of government as well as its user. 

Features of MNRE Rooftop solar system scheme

  • 100 sq.ft area is required to set up rooftop power plant
  • Installation cost of 100 SQ.Ft Plant is INR 60000 to INR 70000 on which citizen is eligible to get 30% subsidy.
  • The central government will give 30% subsidy, while state government benefits are very state to state. 
  • Loans are available at subsidies rate to install power plant. 
  • Up to INR 10 lakh loan is available for a resident of India. 

How to Install MNRE Rooftop Solar Power plant and get a subsidy?

  • Visit the nearest electricity board and ask them procedure and fees. 
  • Citizen has to take approval for installation and apply for new electricity meter. 
  • After that user has to invite dealer to install power plant 
  • Call local electricity board once installation is complete. 
  • They will check power plant and give connection to the house. 

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